We are an organization dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse for our youth of the greater Annandale area. We participate in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) in the girls and boys divisions in the spring league. The sport of l
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Welcome to Annandale Youth Lacrosse


AYL parents are the heart of our organization.  Without your support we would not be able to deliver our goal of providing the best all-around youth sports experience to your player possible.  If you haven't already, please read About Us as an introduction to our program's philosophy and priorities.

In addition to providing positive support to your lacrosse player we also ask each parent to assist AYL as a volunteer.  As an ALL volunteer organization, it's impossible to successfully manage the many teams, players, coaches, fields and families without your help.  AYL has a broad range of volunteer needs with many needing just a few hours of time.  Please take a look at our Volunteer Guide and answer the call from AYL Commissioners to help us prepare for another terrific Annandale Youth Lacrosse season.





Commissioners – Boys and Girls

Oversees and manages all Annandale Youth Lacrosse club operations.  Boys and Girls Commissioners are primary liaisons with regional lacrosse coordinating body, NVYLL.

Responsibilities year-round with down-time between seasons, largely over the summer.

Field Manager

Working with the Boys and Girls Commissioners, books fields for AYL Spring and Fall seasons.  Primary AYL liason with Fairfax County, South Run and NOVA field coordinators.

Responsibilities in the pre-season, which means September (for Spring) and June (for Fall clinics)


Manages finances for Annandale Youth lacrosse.  Pays vendors, reimburses volunteers and handles deposits. Serves as primary financial contact with our parent organization, Annandale Boys & Girls Club. 

Responsibilities year-round with down-time between seasons, largely over the summer.


Manages the League Athletics website for Annandale Youth lacrosse.  Works with NYVLL, Commissioners and team coaches/managers to ensure website is updated and functioning properly.  Works with Registration coordinator to create registration forms in Fall and Spring. 

Responsibilities year-round with down-time between seasons, largely over the summer.

Social Media Manager

Manages Annandale Youth lacrosse Facebook and Twitter accounts. Coordinates with webmaster to ensure information across all platforms is updated and consistent.  

Responsibilities year-round with down-time between seasons, largely over the summer.


Serves as AYL’s primary photographer and photo coordinator of both girls and boys teams.  Creates and manages photo-sharing system to optimize AYL’s photo library for club marketing and sharing with AYL parents.

Responsibilities during the Spring season


Club Marketing

            Serve as primary contact for external marketing/promotion opportunities for AYL. Helps            

manage relationship with Dick’s, LaxWorld and other lacrosse contacts in the community.

Responsibilities during the Spring season


Community Outreach

Distribute flyers to schools in the AYL service area.  Maintain and update school distribution list, place copy order with local vendor, distribute to schools based on their community flyer schedule and distribution rules. Keeps a lookout for other community events such as school fairs, back-to-school events, etc. where we can promote AYL.

Responsibilities during the end of Summer for Fall Clinics and before the Spring season in February.  

Clinic/Off-Season Programs Coordinator

Coordinates Clinics with AYL partner “Cradle Lacrosse” and local HS Varsity coaches (Boys).   Also works with commissioners to prepare other Fall/Winter off-season developmental programs including clinics, box or indoor game-only seasons, etc.   Works with webmaster and social media manager to publicize AYL off-season program.  Manages on-site registration, coordinates check-in volunteers for all AYL-sponsored programs.  

Responsibilities AYL in Fall (8-10 week 90 min Saturday sessions) and Cradle Lacrosse in Spring (6 week-1 hour Sunday sessions)


Registration Coordinator – 1 Boys/1 Girls

Supervises online registration for Spring program and any off-season events requiring registration.  Download registration reports for Commissioners, answer questions from current and prospective registrants.

Responsibilities largely in the pre-season: 

August: for any Fall events requiring registration

November-Website registration system training session (1 hour)

December-January – Registration supervision


Uniform Manager – 1 Boys/1 Girls

Coordinates Uniforms including placing new order with vendor in the Fall and manages T-shirt order in the Spring.  Manages uniform pickup for Team Managers and supervises end-of-year uniform collection with the Team Manager coordinator. 

Responsibilities in the pre-season and end of season

October-November: Place uniform order

February: Organize and Assign uniform #’s, distribute to teams

April:  Place T-shirt order

June: Distribute T-shirts, Receive Uniforms from Team Managers


Equipment Managers – 2 Boys

Take stock of AYL equipment, filling any needed gaps with new purchases and disposing of outdated/unusable equipment.  Coordinates equipment pickup dates and manages equipment deposits and refunds.

Responsibilities in the pre-season and end of season

October-November:  Order needed equipment

Early February:  Equipment Rental distribution before Assessments

June:  Collect equipment rentals and issue deposit refunds


Team Manager Coordinator – 1 Boys

Primary contact for AYL’s team managers. Helps managers with communication and systems to ensure AYL families are informed of practices, games and volunteer schedules.  Coordinates any club socials, such as Bayhawks games, Ice Cream Socials, Movie Nights, etc.

Responsibilities during the Spring season




Head Coach (1)

AYL coaches have the primary responsibility to manage all aspects of their team and players, including practices, games and working with their team manager to communicate effectively to their parents and AYL. NVYLL requires all head coaches to complete online coaches’ certification and a NCSI Background Check. There is one mandatory coaches training session at Marymount University before the season begins.

Responsibilities begin pre-season with assessments in February.  Some teams also chose to play in the Summer, Fall and Winter depending on player interest and coach availability.


Asst Coach (2)

AYL assistant coaches help the head coach in all aspects of the game by managing practices, helping with communication and teaching our players how to be good teammates and lacrosse players. Asst. Coaches may also serve as Head Coaches in their absence.

Responsibilities during the Spring season


  Team Manager

Annandale Youth Lacrosse team managers are a vital part of our program by helping coordinate their team’s administrative and communication tasks, game volunteers and freeing up coaches to do their jobs...coaching our players. Here is our How To” on being an effective AYL team manager.

Responsibilities during the Spring season


Parent Volunteers

Parents for each team will provide drinks & snacks and serve as Home Game Volunteers. Home teams must provide a Clock/Scorekeeper and a Field Commissioner. These assignments are made as part of a team volunteer rotation schedule created at the beginning of the year for the entire season.  Each family will likely serve in a field position once and bring snacks/drinks once, depending your team’s roster size.

Responsibilities during the Spring season



If you have any questions about these positions or would like to volunteer please contact your program Commissioners at:  or